Mar. 13th, 2009

My organization is required to do outreach to groups in NYC that work with low-income folks. We had a session set up at the Chinatown YMCA, and then that got canceled (long story). We now need to do a session by the end of March for any non-profit EMPLOYEES (not clients, stupid funding stuff) on public health insurance and how we can work together to help your clients. It's a 30-45 min presentation, and we would love you forever. Can I come talk to your organization?
Groups to whom I am allowed to talk:
· Community Based Organizations

· Faith Based/Religious Institutions

· Day Care Centers (These are programs without any income eligibility requirements.)

· Senior Centers

· Soup Kitchens

· Food pantries

· Community Boards

As a reminder, these locations are not appropriate for Information Sessions:

- MCCAP agencies

- Government Agencies

- Schools, including Afterschool Programs

- Head Start Programs (These are programs that receive federal funding & have income eligibility requirements.)

- HHC Providers

- Medical Providers with an already-established relationship with 1+ managed care plans.

If we can't do your group in March, we're happy to talk to you later. There are 1.2 million uninsured folks in NYC. About half are eligible for public health insurance, and there are options to which we can direct you for those who aren't eligible. But first we need to come speak to your employees! (minimum group size = 3).



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