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I have a very difficult time understanding accents. I just got off the phone with a woman from the state, and I'm pretty sure she's wrong in what she's telling me, but I can't quite understand her so I'm just guessing. I can't offend her and ask her to repeat things any more times than I already make her. She does us a lot of favors, but I can't ask her to do this in writing--she only works over the phone, and when I've asked for things in writing before, she says she can't. Right, but so she has an accent, maybe Carribbean, and I can't understand her very well. Today she was telling me that she couldn't recertify my case because there was a resource issue, but as far as I know there is no resource test for kids. The account was the father's--maybe she wants to put him in Family Health Plus? But I'm pretty sure she said she wants to put the baby in Family Health Plus, which makes no sense because that would be Child Health Plus and I know she didn't say that, but at the same time sometimes people say FHP when they mean CHP, but all of CHP is CHP, it's just CHP A and CHP B, and the kid should be in CHP A I think and not CHP B as this woman maybe, I can't tell, thinks. When I asked about the resource test she said it only didn't apply if there was someone disabled in the family. I know that's wrong! Sometimes I like that my job is so puzzle-like, but other times just understanding what people want is too much of a puzzle.
So now I will attempt to convey to a social worker just what I need (A bank letter stating that there is no money, even though MA's computer says there is) even though I don't quite understand what's going on. Ugh.

In other news, I am about to go have lunch with my sister and then meet with a very scared client. I will enjoy both of these. I am bringing my sister pumpkin muffins that Kate and Bennet and I made Sunday (okay, so I didn't really help, but I bought the ingredients and kept them company as they cooked). Ben and I made baklava and Russian Potato Mushroom soup Saturday, and I was an active participant in that process. Baklava takes forever to make, but I was happy with the results. See my facebook account for photos.
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are ear infections supposed to go away on their own? This is that whole overuse-of-antibiotic thing, right?
What if your ear still hurts after, say, 7 weeks of waiting for it to go away? (hurt in this instance meaning not acute pain, but a feeling like full/swollen/sore and sometimes you move your jaw and painful cracking of the ear happens? and a full feeling behind the ear where the jaw/throat connection is) is it not an ear infection after all? why the heck does my ear hurt all of the time? sinus infection? my wisdom teeth? something to do with meniere's? hypochondria?

health insurance that was supposed to go into effect almost a month ago but is still not up, you are really frustrating...

(don't worry, i'm complaining to both legal aid and the union).

Dear 1199,
Solidarity is great.
Now let me see a
damn doctor.
yours in dues,
member # 100000000000dfslkj35.

Dear giant legal non-profit industial complex,
Remember how I work
to get people health
care? Yeah,
I need it, too.
yours like a humming photocopier,
Shared Office 313B.

Dear new girlfriend,
Were those sweet
nothings or complaints
about the mice? Try
-just, yours.

Dear left ear,
I procrastinate
enough without
your painful help.
yours ringingly,
body minus left ear



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