hey y'all,
I'm organizing this event with a few other fine folk (aka the Avodah/AJWS New York City Team), and I'd really like you to come.
Remember all those kinda dorky activities in various groups when you actually ended up learning a lot about yourself and other people? When you had those awesome conversations that reminded you why you'd wanted to do dorky things in the first place? Yeah, that's this. Like a mini-retreat, but free and without having to travel further than 14th street.
PLEASE rsvp (to newyorkcityteam@gmail.com) because if we don't get enough rsvps, we'll cancel it. seriously. tell your friends.

Jew Roots!

The High Holidays are often a time when we connect to Judaism and reflect on our personal Jewish experiences and identities. Join us on September 23rd to explore the ways you do (or sometimes don't) "feel Jewish."

DIG into your opinions on dating people of other faiths, fasting on Yom Kippur, whether to send your (current or imaginary) kids to Jewish day schools... and more;

DELVE into the self-reflection space created by the High Holidays and what this particular set of Jewish rituals means to you;

DISCUSS the relationship between Judaism and social justice, and how it may be at the root of our Jewish identities; and

DEVOUR snacks (including apples and honey)!

Date: Tuesday, September 23rd

Time: 6:30pm

Place: 14th Street Y

Cost: Free! Bring your beshert, your co-workers, and your friends!

RSVP by emailing newyorkcityteam@gmail.com

please spread the word widely. people of all faiths are welcome to attend, though as you may be able to tell, it will be heavy on the jewish cultural content. it's going to be super-fun for everybody, though. especially the "Dig" piece. I'm running that one. so come! yeah!



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