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back from camp with either one or two broken toes. lots of hardness, including a tornado on the day the kids arrived. I love spending time with kids, and some of the staff were great, but it was so HARD. i can talk about more offline. Suffice to say that my job at camp is to be the counselor who deals with kids with behavioral issues, and we had lots of those. Jane (Martha Jane) from Wesleyan was there too,m which was lots of fun. I don't know if I'll go back next year. Ask me again in a few months. http://www.mountainmeadow.org for the camp website. It's for kids of lgbt families. Most but not all of the kids ID as straight; we had more transkids and trans staff than ever before this year. Really interesting. The kids do normal camp activities with what one kid called "gay sprinkles on top." They choose from activities each week that include your standard arts and crafts and canoeing and swimming lessons, but also, depending upon which counselor is leading programming, include Spa, Yearbook, Arts of the Americas, Cooking Creations, Color Guard, Zine-making, Book Club, and more. GLAAD (Sarah Kennedy) visits to do a media training for the kids, the teens go off-site to do leadership training and high and low ropes courses, Zoo on Wheels visited for the little kids. Every day the kids have a discussion about a different issue, with activities calibrated to the age group. Bullying, Classism, Trans issues, the teens' sex talk, being open about their families, etc. Most kids choose to come to camp but not all. One kid whose mom made him come said in his application that he felt he was the only one with a mom like this and he didn't want to go to gay camp because he wasn't gay. He ended up having a great time and wandering around camp in a tiara and ballgown from the dress-up bin.
In a few months I'll have rose colored glasses, Right now I'm tired and frustrated and oh so glad to be home.



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