May. 17th, 2009

--looked over potential courses for next spring (since i don't get to choose any courses in the fall. I, um, marked 31 courses as "find out more" or "interested" in the papers they mailed me. have i mentioned that i'm excited? and perhaps rather burnt out at work?

-- checked to see if my spinach plants need watering. they don't. i, however, want spinach to eat, and mine is nowhere near harvest-ready. i have micro-mini-greens right now. i don't wanna go to the coop again; i just went yesterday (and forgot to buy spinach and a new sponge. oops).

-- worked on my knitting project. there is an error about eight rows down, in which I knit four stiches that should have been purled, or maybe the other way around. anyway, i'm deciding to not care. oh well. it's for a coworker's baby, due in august. blankets are totally unnecessary in august, anyway.

-- am trying to get up the motivation to go running before it's too late and i need to be cooking for my friend's potluck tonight. she is leaving to go to germany for several months. she will not return until after i leave for new haven. sad.

-- the original point of this entry was to point out my family's odd use of yiddish. I always grew up believing that yushgie meant "slow annoying driver in the car ahead of you/slow cart aheard of you in the grocery store/etc). We used it a lot in my family... Apparently, it's yushkie (sp?), which is really a germanic yiddish way to say "Jesus Christ!!" It is basically a ruder term for "goy." Thus, I was a sacreligeous, amoral, little kid calling people christians all of the time! Who knew...
My dad also has always used oombashreen and oombarufen, which are actually umbaschrein and umbarufen. I thought they meant "enough!" and "too much!" but actually they are what you are supposed to say to avoid having the evil eye fall on your child if someone is praising said child. so, my family was kind of on the right track...
anyway, i think this is hilarious.



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