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Jan. 2nd, 2009 01:02 am
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Last night, at 11:15PM, I ran a 5K in Prospect Park. It was 15 degrees Fahrenheit, with winds at 29mph, gusting to 39mph. Windchill -5. I have never run in weather that cold before, and I didn't exactly run fast, but I did it and I'm proud of myself.
Then Rickie and Sarah came over and we started to watch a movie (the Adam S.andler one). Silly but fun, with surprisingly good politics. Except I wouldn't know b/c I feel asleep. So did Kate, a little later. The friends went home (they live all of a block away) and came back tonight to try again. We slept a lot today, walked the dog a lot, and rested. I made chili. I also have potato peel-rice-corn-spinach-chicken broth (uh...trying to not waste potato peels led to soup making? it's actually quite good) in the fridge.
In 2009 I'll be moving away from my cozy life in Brooklyn, most likely heading to New Haven. I've been looking at condos and the ones I like don't accept dogs. I'll find something, though, and it will work out. Christmas was really painful, a lot of family and relationship drama, but I'm hoping to move past that and figure out better ways of communicating. This year I plan to continue making running an important part of my physical and mental health. I plan to run a half marathon in April and maybe another in late May. I want to take care of my shoulder so I can keep doing trapeze. I want to perform on the trapeze this spring. I will ride my bike to work whenever the weather is warm enough and not precipitating. I will stay in relationships that are healthy and reevaluate those that might not be. I will go to Israel in February and finally, this secular year, become more solid in my Hebrew alphabet reading skills (actual comprehension is way beyond me). I will keep working on my Spanish and I will try to read at least four books in Spanish this year. I will try to eat a diet richer in vegetables and lower in sodium and fat. I will go to law school. I will attempt to get more sleep (8 hours a night?). I will start that by wasting less time on the internet and going to bed now.



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